How to get rid of pigeons

How to Get Rid of Pigeons?

Pigeons are incredibly common. They are found in many different locations around the world and if you think of park benches, you can probably imagine that there would be pigeons strutting around.

Lots of people call pigeons “rats with wings” and compare them to vermin. They actually carry a lot of diseases and even parasites, so it is easy to see why people have this low opinion of pigeons. They leave droppings daily which is both disgusting and a danger to cleanliness.

If you’re unlucky enough to need pigeon removal Las Vegas or other parts of Nevada, you may well have an infestation. Knowing how to get rid of pigeons is a challenge, and it may be best to get pigeon control companies in, but there are always steps you can take to discourage pigeons roosting in your home.

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Eliminate Food Sources that Attract Them

It is easy to begin looking for deterrents and products to scare pigeons away. Though there are products out there which can help you get rid of pigeons, one of the first steps to stop the pigeons causing you problems is to cut off any food supply that they have managed to get their hands on.

This can be things like uncovered trash and poorly managed outdoor waste disposal. It also includes products which may be growing in your backyard in some cases. Work out what the pigeons are living off of when they are nesting at your home.

Problems Caused by Pigeon Roosting and Nesting

Pigeons are more than just a slight inconvenience. They can genuinely be a danger rather than just a nuisance. Their droppings have uric acid within, and this is corrosive. This means that it can damage the actual structure of the areas where there are pigeons! It can corrode wood, for instance.

Roosting pigeon debris can block guttering and your home drainage system. They can also damage AC units. Their droppings can also carry bacteria and fungal agents which can make people very ill.

Naturally, if you run a business, or just want your home to look appealing. Pigeons and their droppings do not give off a positive image and you will want to stop the pigeons from ruining the aesthetic appeal of your home or business premises.

Making Roosting Spaces Less Appealing

There is a lot you can do to get rid of pigeons just by making the space they may wish to roost, such as balconies and roofs, less appealing to them.
Pigeons do not like shiny things such as foil pans or wind chimes. Aluminum foil can also do the job when fastened to the area. They also dislike decoy birds like hawks which can be purchased and placed where the birds might see them.

Decoy owls and snakes also serve the same purpose and are widely available. Other techniques include using repellants which birds don’t like the smell of, or you can use spikes to create somewhere pigeons cannot perch and get comfortable. All of this can help to stop pigeon roosting, so be proactive in areas where you think they may pose a threat, such as balconies outside your home.

Even after taking these precautions and steps to get rid of pigeons, there are still reasons to hire professionals to come and take care of your pigeon control.

Call Professionals

The pros have a lot of different pest control techniques which can be used and can deal with the difficulties of getting rid of pigeons. If you already have an infestation then using pigeon traps is not something you should undertake without talking to the professionals and seeing if this is something they can recommend.

Professional pigeon control and pest control companies know the latest techniques. They have seen it before and know how to deal with your issues.

Another reason to work with pest control professionals is that they know the best ways to prevent pigeons from coming back and causing issues in the future. Just dealing with the problem in the short-term without looking long-term is not enough.

Pigeons are not just a harmless inconvenience. They can cause damage to your property and they can cause illness and spread disease. You need to be thorough when dealing with pigeons.