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Top Tips on How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Finding a scorpion in your home can be shocking. It’s something you may not be expecting. It’s true that a scorpion will not attack you but it may sting you if it feels threatened. The good news is that out of the many scorpion species that exist in the US only one, the Arizona Bark […]

Facts and Statistics about Las Vegas Pests

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places in America. Maybe even in the world! People love to flock to Vegas on their vacation. If you live in Vegas, or anywhere in Nevada, you’ll know the great things that are on offer in this state, but you will probably also know about pests. There […]

5 Common Types of House Bugs

Many homes run into pest problems sometimes. A lot of them are a nuisance, while some of them can be painful and irritating. Some, however, can destroy your home and cause severe property damage to your home. With the many types of house bugs out there, knowing the common bugs out there can help. Let’s […]

What Dangerous Diseases do Rats and Rodents Carry?

You probably already know that rodents pose a significant threat. You’ve probably heard a lot of the statistics circulating about how many rodents can be found in both urban areas and the countryside. Do rat diseases pose a significant threat to you? Is it time to invest in some pest control services to make sure […]

Dangers of Scorpion Stings

Most of us know that scorpion stings are not something that is positive! However, we don’t know the specifics. How dangerous are scorpions? How can you get rid of scorpions in your area? Are you at risk of scorpions in the area you live in? What should you do if you get stung? We’ve used […]

Brown Recluse Spider vs Desert Brown Spider in Las Vegas

A lot of people are scared of spiders, but in Las Vegas, this is not an irrational fear. There are spiders out there that can cause you significant damage, and there is always media coverage and hysteria over these spiders. People often ask us “are there brown recluse spiders in Nevada?” or “how do I […]

How to Get Rid of Pigeons?

Pigeons are incredibly common. They are found in many different locations around the world and if you think of park benches, you can probably imagine that there would be pigeons strutting around. Lots of people call pigeons “rats with wings” and compare them to vermin. They actually carry a lot of diseases and even parasites, […]

How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice at Home?

Ending up with rats and mice within your home can be surprisingly common. A lot of people have trouble with pests. Rats and mice are prevalent all over the world and wherever you are, there is the chance that rodents will infest your home. The key when getting rid of rats and mice is to […]

Do I Need Pest Control? 5 Reasons to Hire Professionals

No matter where in the world you live, it is possible that you will have to contend with some pests. Common pests including rats, mice, and insects can be found all over the globe, and getting rid of them is important for you and your family. You might be wondering “do I need pest control?” […]

How to Keep Your House Pest Free

If you’ve ever had to deal with significant pet problems, you will know how awkward it is. You will need to work with professionals in order to get your home cleared of whichever pest has made its way into your home. There are a lot of pest risks out there and if you do end […]