Dangers of Scorpion Stings

Dangers of Scorpion Stings

Most of us know that scorpion stings are not something that is positive! However, we don’t know the specifics. How dangerous are scorpions? How can you get rid of scorpions in your area? Are you at risk of scorpions in the area you live in? What should you do if you get stung?
We’ve used our specialism in Las Vegas Pest Control (an area where scorpions pose a very real threat) to show you some of the dangers of scorpions stings, scorpion sting symptoms and even some of the information about treating the stings. This will help you to establish just how much of a risk scorpion are posing to you and your loved ones

Dangerous Scorpions in Nevada

Did you know that there are 25 species of scorpions in Nevada? There are plenty of scorpion stingers to watch out for if you live in Las Vegas or Nevada. Common species include the Bark Scorpion. These are a pretty small species but they can cause big problems if you happen to end up with one in your home. This scorpion stinger can cause you to become very unwell. They have the most dangerous venom out of any of the scorpions found in the area.

Emperor scorpions are pretty common in the area. They’re less of a threat to humans, similarly, the Desert Hairy Scorpion is not likely to cause you serious damage, but no scorpion stinger is pleasant. You’re better off getting rid of scorpions if you can.

scorpion stingerScorpion Stinger and Venom

Only 30 of the world’s 1500 species carry venom, but there are venomous scorpions in Las Vegas that you need to be wary of.
If you do get stung by a venomous scorpion such as the Bark Scorpion then some of the symptoms you may experience will cause you some serious issues, and you will start to experience nausea as well as other symptoms explained below. Though it is rare to die from a scorpion sting, it is not a risk worth taking.

Scorpion Sting Symptoms

Symptoms that pretty much every sting will cause include an intense level of pain, some swelling and some tingling in the area of the sting. Even a non-venomous scorpion can cause a huge amount of pain. However, there are some other symptoms that you may experience if you are suffering from venom entering your system.

Heart issues, palpitations, unusual breathing and shortness of breath can be very common symptoms if your body is struggling to fight off the venom. Sweating, nausea, vomiting and bodily twitching and thrashing can be experienced, too. The sort of symptoms you might experiment with having a high temperature or fever. Any of these symptoms should be treated as being very urgent and you need to seek medical assistance straight away if you are experiencing these. You should take absolutely no chances if you are stung by any scorpion in the Las Vegas area as some can be life-threatening.

Treating Scorpion Stings

As we’ve already discussed, the outlook is not too terrible if you do get stung, and it is rare that it will cause loss of life, but you do need to get treatment to make sure this is not the case. People have died from scorpion stings. Plus, the pain is extreme, so you should look to get treated ASAP.
Most of the treatment will revolve around antivenom. If the doctor treating you can’t be certain of which scorpion stung you, they may give you an antivenom as a precautionary measure.
Some people suffer allergic reactions to stings, in this case, the doctor or surgeon will approach the sting in a different way. If you are able to describe the scorpion, it is much more likely that you will be treated effectively.

How to Get Rid of Scorpions

Scorpions should be treated just like any other pest. They are much more common in Las Vegas than in other areas which means there is a lot of Scorpion Control in Las Vegas to ensure that you can keep your family safe from scorpion stings.

Using pest control services is the safest option for you and your family. You should opt for a company with a lot of experience working in the Nevada area, with experience in the 25 species of scorpions that can be found in the area. This is the best way to make sure you get the most effective control for your home and for the specific species that are causing a threat.
Scorpion stings are not something to take chances with. They can make you very unwell, and many people are allergic to the stings even if the scorpion in question isn’t venomous. The fact that Las Vegas has some very threatening scorpions means working with a pest control company to minimize risk is a sensible thing to do.