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Scorpion Pest Control

Scorpions are a species of arachnids that you sure don’t want anything to do with. They are venomous and their sting causes a wide range of reactions such as nausea, vomiting, convulsions, and more. These creatures use sting as a defense mechanism and as a means to kill their prey, though most humans are not affected too much by it. Some species are believed to even be life-threatening, but there is no record of anyone dying in the United States because of a scorpion’s sting.

Scorpions are nocturnal and feed mainly on insects such as crickets, spiders, and cockroaches. A unique aspect of these creatures is that they can live without food for many months provided there is water readily available for them. This is something to keep in mind if you’re dealing with scorpions. You may cut off their food source, but that may not kill them as they can survive with just water.

When it comes to habitats, scorpions live only in dry places, mostly deserts and semi-arid places that see scanty to no rainfall. Ideally, they dig a burrow and live under rocks, logs or even beneath the soil. They like cool places, so during the summer months, there is always a possibility for them to crawl through a hole in your walls and make a burrow in your attic.

Scorpion species in Las Vegas

Since Las Vegas is a semi-arid and hot place, many species of scorpions thrive here. Some of the common ones are:

Bark Scorpion

Bark scorpion is the most venomous scorpion found in the United States. With a tan or yellowish color, this scorpion is just about three inches long. Their body is divided into two distinct parts, one being their head and the other their abdomen. A distinguishing aspect of these scorpions is that their tails are curved to the side, unlike other scorpions that hold their tail above the body.

Bark scorpions are ideally found in cool and dark spots such as closets, sinks, bathtubs and even dark basements. Since they are highly venomous, their stings should not be taken lightly. Children and elders, in particular, are highly vulnerable because these scorpions have poor eyesight and tend to sting any creature that comes near it, and this includes humans as well.

Emperor Scorpion

Emperor scorpions, as the name suggests, is the longest and the largest species of scorpions in the world. They are about eight inches long and weigh as much as about 30 grams. They are black in color and tend to live in large groups.

But they are gentle giants and will not sting for the most part. Even if they sting, they will not inject venom and this is why many people see them as exotic and beautiful pets. The sting may be painful at times, but there is nothing much to worry as the pain will subside after some time.

Desert hairy scorpion

This hairy and fuzzy scorpion is aggressive, especially females. They are even known to eat the male scorpion after mating. They are a tan or olive color and can grow up to six inches in length. AT home, these scorpions will move towards cool and dark places such as cabinets and attics.

The good news is these scorpions rarely attack humans unless they are provoked. Their venom is weak and their sting resembles a bee’s sting.

How to avoid scorpions?

Though not all scorpions are venomous, they are a pesky pet as their sting can cause adverse reactions. It is best to keep them away from your home or office. Here are some ways to avoid scorpions.

  • Avoid debris such as leaves, wood piles, and other things around your house.
  • Fix cracks in your walls.
  • Remove clutter from the inside your home, especially in attics and basement
  • Remove any dark or cool spot as much as possible.

Getting rid of scorpions

There are many simple ways to get rid of scorpions. Some of the most commonly used techniques are:

  • Spray cinnamon powder on your window sills, as scorpions are known to hate cinnamon.
  • If you have just a few stray scorpions, simply catch them and throw them away. This obviously will not work with infestations and keep in mind that you’re only moving them from your house to that of your neighbor’s and you’re not getting rid of them permanently. This also means it can come back to your house again.
  • Avoid food sources such as cockroaches, crickets, and ants. Also, make sure there is no stagnating water anywhere near your house.
  • Lavender is known to be a natural repellent for scorpions. So, consider planting them around the house.
  • Cats love to catch and kill scorpions and could make a great addition to your family as well.

Though the above strategies are good, there is no guarantee about the outcome. A better option is to take the services of a scorpion control Las Vegas company because they will spray the inside and outside of your house to kill existing scorpions and to prevent new ones from entering your place.

Scorpion removal professionals

Killer Instinct Pest Control (KIPC) is one of the most renowned scorpion exterminator Las Vegas and your best bet if you have a scorpion infestation in your home. Having lived in this area all our lives, we have seen thousands of scorpions and understand their behavior thoroughly. This knowledge helps us to come up with strategies to permanently remove them from your home and vicinity.

Considering that the population of scorpions is growing by the day in Las Vegas, you should take preventive measures to avoid them entering your place. We can even give the right suggestions to ensure that scorpions can’t come inside your premise.

If at all they come in, reach out to an experienced scorpion pest control Las Vegas service like us to get rid of them. We are always available to help you in every way possible. Call us right away to talk to one of our representatives.