Rodent control exterminator Las Vegas

Rodent Pest Control

It is little wonder that the mention of some rodents strikes fear into homeowners and business owners all over the world. Rodents such as rats and mice have a reputation for causing diseases to spread. Though some of the urban myths about never being more than a few feet away from a rat or mouse are exaggerated, it is true that some species are incredibly robust and survive in sewers all over the world. Rats and mice are the most well-known pests in the rodent world, and they reproduce incredibly fast and can survive even in hostile environments.

Of course, there are rodents which are domesticated and even kept as pets, such as guinea pigs and hamsters. These are not the focus of our pest control as rat and mouse infestations are infinitely more troublesome and common.

Rodents have caused plagues to spread, they have caused the death of millions of people and their more immediate threat can be that they can damage homes, spread illness and create a bad reputation for businesses. People do not like the idea of sharing their home with rats, and for good reason!

Common types of rodents in Las Vegas

There are three common types of pest rodents around Las Vegas. Rodent control Las Vegas usually consists of dealing with Roof Rats, Norway Rats and Field Mice. These three species all carry a significant risk in their own unique way.

Before you search for a rodent exterminator in Las Vegas it can help to work out which of these issues you are dealing with.

Field Mice are known to make their nests in homes and garages, especially around winter time. They carry a lot of diseases, though not as many as rats. They can reproduce unbelievably quickly so infestations can grow in virtually no time.

Norway Rats are also often referred to as the Brown Rat or House Rat. They love to live near people and scavenge off humans. These rats can survive tough conditions and can cause structural damage as they nest as well as spreading diseases.

Roof Rats are also known as Black Rats and these are the species associated with the bubonic plague which spread throughout Europe back in the middle ages. They can climb as easily as they can walk, and this is why they are known as Roof Rats. They can live in trees, attics and just about anywhere else.

Rodent treatment can vary depending on which type of rodent you have within your home or business.

How to Avoid Getting Rodents

If you are forward-thinking enough to tackle the rodent issue before it takes over, there are things you can do to avoid rodent control becoming a huge problem. Taking a few early preventative steps is a worthwhile action:

  • Seal up places where rats and mice can enter your house. Rodents can get into the tiniest cracks and crevices. Ensure that around doors and windows are properly sealed and that there aren’t cracks around the foundations or entryways to your home.
  • Lay traps. This may seem paranoid if you are simply trying to prevent rodent issues, but it is not. If you can catch the first few rodents before they have any chance to breed then you can be stopping hundreds of rats or mice being born.
  • Don’t allow them any food source. Food should be kept contained. Most rodents don’t care what they eat and if you have loose vegetables or any other food storages that aren’t sealed then rodents will be drawn to them.

Getting Rid of Rodents at Your Home

If you haven’t managed to prevent rodents, you will need to look into the best way to get rid of rodents. This will often mean working with a company such as KIPC to deal with your infestation, but there are things you can do to get rid of rats and mice yourself.

Laying down traps is a very popular and basic way to get rid of rodents especially for smaller infestations, or if you just have a few rodents in your home. There are poisons which are available too, but this can lead to other issues such as having to dispose of the carcasses yourself, which carries its own risk. Some people recommend using cats, and while this is fine to deal with smaller mice, rats can actually cause cats nasty injuries, so it is not a recommended method to treat large rodents.

Ultimately, rodents can be very difficult to get rid of yourself, and you may need a pest control company’s services.

Problems that can be Caused by Rodents

Rats and mice can be full of risks and are not something to take any chances with either in a family home or within a business. The issues they create range from small inconveniences to very worrying health risks.

Rodents can damage structures by burrowing and nesting into wood and other materials. They are very good at chewing away wood and other foundations and structures. They also chew through just about anything that is in their way, and this might mean wiring and cables. Everything from broadband to power cables are at risk.

Undoubtedly the most worrying problem rodents can cause is disease. They carry a huge amount of different bacteria and microbes which can make people very ill. Salmonella, Leptospirosis and many other horrific illnesses are possible. Rats can also contaminate water and food supplies with these diseases.

Rodent Removal Professionals

No pests are desirable, but rodents are among the worst due to how hardy they are and the fact they can reproduce so quickly. Risks shouldn’t be taken and dealing with a professional rodent removal company is your best bet. Not only do KIPC offer one-off extermination and extractions, but we also have monthly packages for preventing pests. This can mean laying repellants and traps which will stop rats and mice from colonizing within your home or business. Get in touch for a free quotation or consultation on the problem you are currently experiencing with rodents.