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Roach Pest Control

Roaches are an incredibly hardy pest. If you’re unfortunate enough to have to deal with cockroaches you will know that roach treatment is tough. They are one of the hardiest insects out there. Though there are thousands of varieties, there are around thirty which are common pests to humans and are associated with all kinds of diseases. Cockroaches can survive incredible situations and are known to be the scourge of many different industries. For instance, if you run a restaurant or any other business which deals primarily with food you will know that cockroaches are tough to get rid of, and dangerous.

Our team is skilled in cockroach removal Las Vegas wide, all over the Las Vegas Valley and parts of Nevada. Though you may not assume so if you are new to dealing w roaches, the different species actually have many different traits depending on which species of roach they are. Some are social animals and this can spell trouble as it means they are likely to congregate together, meaning you will have an infestation on your hands rather than just one cockroach.

Common types of Cockroaches in Las Vegas

If you are looking for a cockroach exterminator in Las Vegas then it will undoubtedly be worth your while to learn a little about the types of cockroach you can expect to find in the area.

American cockroaches are often found in food establishments and can cause a lot of trouble. These are the largest of all the species commonly found around Vegas.

German cockroaches are found often in residential as well as commercial buildings. They are small at about 0.5 inches and are easy to identify as they have two clear black lines along their backs. Being so small means they can get into tiny spaces and cause contamination.

Oriental cockroaches are also found, though are less common than other varieties. They tend to head towards sewage works and other forms of drainage. You can identify them due to their large size and the fact that their bodies are shinier than the other types of roach.

Which type of cockroach you have causing you issues can be a key factor in how it is treated.

How to Avoid Getting Cockroaches

If you have the foresight to think about stopping cockroaches from becoming a problem rather than waiting until you have an infestation, life will be easier for you. As with most pests, prevention is a far easier method than extraction or extermination. Even the best way to get rid of roaches is far inferior to preventing them from entering your home or business in the first place.

Some tips for preventing cockroach problems include:

  • Clean all appliances thoroughly. Cockroaches are so hardy that they can survive on grease and crumbs for months.
  • Don’t leave any food easy to get to. Keep all of the food packaged and in secure containers that roaches won’t be tempted in by.
  • Vacuum the kitchen as much, or even more than other rooms. It also helps to disinfect the floors very regularly. Crumbs are sometimes not noticeable but can be a temptation for cockroaches.
  • Don’t leave your outside trash can near the home, this can lead to roaches finding a route into the home, much like leaving them a trail.
  • Don’t eat all over the home. Crumbs in rooms like bedrooms can create an environment for roaches to thrive.
  •  Ensure that windows and doors are properly sealed and that there are no areas for roaches to get in from outside.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches at Your Home

If you’ve come here looking for a cockroach exterminator, the chances are you’re too late for prevention, so you need to find a way to get rid of them. Some of the tips are very similar to the prevention methods. It is likely that a cockroach infestation will need professional help, but there are things you can do to help:

  • Lay down bait, some commercial roach baits can be purchased which can poison the roaches, and this can then spread and contaminate other roaches through contact.
  • Seal up nesting places. You may need to caulk in the areas that cockroaches like to nest. Dark and moist areas are particular hotspots.
  • Sprays and insecticides can give you a quick method of killing roaches if you know where they have congregated. This is something you can do yourself or by turning to the professionals for help.
  • Cut off the sources of food and water that could be keeping the cockroaches going.

The baiting methods can take a fair amount of time, and in many home or commercial settings, this is not something you can afford. In these cases, professional help may be required through a pest company such as KIPC.

Problems that can be Caused by Cockroaches

The risk of cockroaches is large. They can carry and transport pathogenic microbes, bacteria, and other diseases. They are also linked to allergens and can make asthma far worse if you already suffer from this illness. Very serious diseases such as Salmonella Typhi, which can lead to Typhoid, are commonly carried by roaches.

Roaches can be destructive and naturally, if they get into any food stores then this food is no longer fit for consumption.

Cockroach removal Professionals

Whether you have a one-off issue with an infestation or are just looking for a way to prevent cockroaches from causing issues and risk of disease in the future then it can be well worth calling in the pros. At KIPC, we can give you a free quote regarding your own specific issues, you can either call us and speak to a member of staff or fill in our form and someone from our family run, trustworthy company will call you.

We can also provide a number of monthly services both for home and commercial settings, which can give you peace of mind, and create a regular repellant to make sure that roaches do not get into your home and cause havoc.