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Ants Pest Control Las Vegas

A Little About Ants

When you think of an ant, or even a colony ants, you may think of a nuisance rather than a serious pest. However, ants can cause serious issues and are something to be dealt with as soon as you possibly can.

There are many thousands of species and varieties of ants. They are a ‘social’ pest which means that they live together in groups, known more commonly as colonies. These can have hundreds of thousands of ants in one colony.

Some ants are considered ‘pests’ more than others are. No type of ant is desirable to have in the workplace or in the home, you shouldn’t just leave a colony to do whatever it wants in your home and they certainly aren’t sterile.

Though ants like the fire ant will cause a more immediate threat of causing injury and pain, most of the species are undesirable. They can damage crops and plants, damage structures by nesting within wood, or get into your food storage, making it inedible.

Types of Ants in Las Vegas

As experts in ant control Las Vegas wide, know the types of ant likely to cause problems throughout Nevada.

Fire Ants

These are common and a real nuisance, they have a copper appearance and a venomous sting.

South American Argentine An

The South American Argentine Ant can also be found throughout Nevada and form huge colonies, even with other species of ant.

Carpenter Ants

These ants are found in Las Vegas, and these can cause damage to your property as they like to nest in wood, which can mean damage to structures.

Odorous Ant

The Odorous Ant is another common type of ant, and these are incredibly robust, they have even been known to nest inside electronics and white goods. They have a distinct aroma, hence the name.

The very common black ants are also able to be found throughout Vegas.

How to Avoid Getting Ants

Ant treatment and ant removal in Las Vegas are possible, but the best way to deal with it is to never have to go through the issue in the first place. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but avoiding getting ants is preferable, and definitely something you should be considering if you live in Las Vegas.

Some simple steps can help. These include:

  • Always clean up after a meal and after your pets’ meal! Any food left out can attract ants and make an infestation much more likely.
  • Don’t store food in open containers, make sure everything is sealed and isn’t a temptation for ants.
  • Do a regular check of the windows and doors to ensure everything is sealed and that there isn’t a chance for ants to enter easily.
  • Sweep and vacuum thoroughly, even in areas you might not usually, to make sure that food isn’t building up under cabinets, for example.

Getting Rid of Ants in Your Home

Many people are looking for the best way to get rid of ants. If you’ve not managed to prevent the ants in the first place, finding out how to kill ants is the option you are left with. There are a few different approaches that can be taken.

  • Use lemon juice to repel ants from the points of entry they have created to get into your home.
  • Mix Boric acid with sweet things like syrup and leave it for the ants, they will consume it due to the fact they love sweet things but the acid will cause a lot of them to die.
  • Use white vinegar on the nests, this will kill a lot of the ants but it will also make a repellant for other ants, who will stay away. This does cause a strong smell though so may not be ideal for your home.

There are other methods you can use, and many of these are to repel. For instance, some people recommend using essential oils. If you put essential oils in your home it is unlikely to cause ants to die, or get rid of large nests, but it can be a preventative measure.

Problems Ants Can Cause

As we’ve already briefly mentioned, ants can cause a lot of different issues in the home, some of them are more than just an inconvenience. Problems include:

  • Transmitting diseases and carrying bacteria around the home or in business premises such as hospitals or other healthcare facilities
  • Venomous bites (such as the fire ants) such as skin problems and headaches
  • Structural damage to your home or to your lawn and garden
  • Electrical cables and fiber optic cables can be damaged by ants chewing
  • Damage to food supplies

As you can see, cohabiting with ants is not a realistic option, you will need to get rid of ants if you spot any sign of an infestation. Educating yourself on how to prevent and get rid of ants will help you to stop your home from becoming a haven for these annoying creatures, but it may be that if you have a serious problem you need to get professional help in to get rid of a nest.

Ant Removal Professionals

Our services as ant exterminator Las Vegas and Nevada-wide mean that we’re happy to talk to you about your ant issues whether you are a business customer or have an infestation in your home.

KIPC can deal with just about any ant problem you may encounter. Our team are able to help in both residential and commercial settings, and use up-to-date, environmentally friendly methods which don’t intrude on your life unless absolutely necessary.

Trying to deal with ant problems yourself is one thing, but killing the queen and actually digging out the root of the issue can be a huge hassle without professional help. Talking to the professionals and getting a free quote can help you to get rid of the ants which have infested your home and also to prevent ants in the future. You can opt for monthly services including repellants which make it much less likely that ants will infest your home or business premises and cause damage in the future.