Commercial pest control

Commercial Pest Control

Pest control around the Nevada and Las Vegas area is not something that can be done by just anyone. Unfortunately, there are a lot of different pests around ranging in size and threat level. Some of them will be a mere inconvenience whereas others can be a threat to you and your business. We offer residential pest control for protecting your home, but your business is important too.

There are so many ways in which commercial pest control in Nevada can vary. No two cases are the same, with so many different pests and so many different types of businesses out there. From wasps nests in local parks to rat infestations in warehouses or even pests getting into restaurants.

In Las Vegas, the pest issues include species such as scorpions, rats, cockroaches, wasps and more. Each different pest brings its own threat. The pests change from month to month and throughout different seasons.

Rely on Experience

There is no substitute for experience. If you are looking for commercial pest control in Nevada then you should go for a company who know the area and the threats that are in place. We have 20 years of experience helping customers in both commercial and residential settings and have seen a huge amount of scenarios. Our team’s knowledge of the Las Vegas Valley area can help with your issue, whatever pests you are dealing with.

Don’t Take Any Risks

Your business is your livelihood, and employing commercial pest control services is a much better choice than the issues that pests can lead to. For instance, some of them can cost you your reputation, damage your stock or even make your employees or customers ill.

Without wanting to scaremonger too much, pests are a bigger problem than some people may think. There are scenarios which are truly catastrophic for a business. For instance, rats in a place where food is stored will lead to the food having to be disposed of. Even if you aren’t in the food industry, rats can chew through just about anything, not to mention carrying diseases. If you don’t catch the problem before it becomes an infestation, it can quickly become catastrophic.

Other pests such as cockroaches can be harder to spot initially. In any environment where food is prepared, pests can lead to horrific consequences. If staff and customers become ill, you can even find yourself in legal trouble.

For a relatively small fee, you can get your premises protected. The risks of not doing so far outweigh the cost of paying for this protection from infestations.

One-off or Monthly Services

If you find yourself in the middle of a catastrophe and need commercial pest control services urgently, we can offer one-off services such as removing infestations, laying traps and more. We can deal with things on a bespoke basis, evaluating the problem that has developed and what it will take to get it under control. Our team are always happy to give a free consultation and you can easily contact us via our telephone number or by filling in the form on our contact page. A member of our team will get back to you.

For a business, it is sensible to have a pest control partner who you work with on a month-to-month basis. This is the best way to ensure peace of mind in the long term, otherwise, even if you deal with a pest problem, it can come back.

We offer monthly services, too. This can include regularly setting traps, laying repellants and inspecting the checks your business premises will need. Talk to us about what we can offer for your business. With a commercial pest control partner, you don’t have the constant worry of whether you are going to have an infestation problem.

Trustworthy and Eco-Friendly

Not all pest control companies use the same methods. In Las Vegas, there are many different companies using different approaches. We promise to always use the most eco-friendly methods available to us. This takes a lot of the environmental guilt away which can come with some of the less modern ways to tackle pest problems.

Our company has a long history of providing reliable pest control services. 20 years of dealing with peoples pest issues show how trustworthy we are.

Commercial Pest Control Services

There are no jobs too big for our team, but some examples of pest services we can deal with include:

  • Spraying for bugs
  • Exterminating bees and wasps
  • Exterminating rodents and removing infestations
  • Inspecting for termites and treating buildings to repel them
  • Exterminating spiders and scorpions
  • Control of cockroaches
  • Pigeon removal

We’ve dealt with pests large and small for decades, and can tackle whatever issues your business is facing when it comes to the many pests that can be found around Las Vegas and the rest of Nevada.

Fast and Unobtrusive

The world of business is not going to wait for you. Time dealing with pest control can cut into your business dealings and your profit. Whether you are a restaurant which has to close for pests in the kitchen or your office building has to close for traps and other pest control methods to get rid of the creatures which are plaguing you. We know that losing time means losing profit, and our team are fast, efficient and as unobtrusive as possible. Sometimes it is inevitable that some downtime is required while control methods take place, but we always aim to keep this to a minimum.

Requesting a Quote or Appointment

Requesting a quote from our team couldn’t be much easier. You can either pick up the phone and talk to us about the issues you’re experiencing. Alternatively, you can fill in our form to request a callback or quote. This means that you can provide us with details and a member of staff will look over this before we get back to you and discuss your needs.