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Spider Pest Control

Spiders are arthropods that are highly diverse when compared to other species in this class. According to National Geographic, there are more than 45,000 known species of species and scientists estimate that there can be twice as many that are not found yet. Though these spiders are critical for the ecosystem, they can be a nuisance if they are present in your home in large numbers.

Though infestations of spider are rare, it is still possible in houses that have remained vacant for long periods of time. They are also found in places where cockroaches, earwigs, house crickets, and other insects are found in abundance, as these are the staple diet of spiders.

Common spider types in Las Vegas

There are more than 400 different species of spiders in the United States alone and many of them are found in Las Vegas too. Here is a list of common spider species found in Las Vegas.

Hobo Spider

Hobo spider has a brown body and can grow anywhere in length from 1/4″ to 5/8″. Most times, these spiders live in funneled webs though, at times, they can be caught between your bed as well. If your spider is trapped in your bed or even in your clothing, it can bite you. These spiders are commonly found in closets, cupboards, and storage rooms.

Brown or Desert Recluse Spider

This spider is also commonly known as the violin spider due to the shape of a violin on its back. It is also one of the most dangerous spiders found in the United States. When this spider bites you, there will be no pain at all. But within eight hours, the entire bitten area can swell and can cause redness and pain as well. Though the bite is not fatal, it should still be treated as a lethal spider.

They are mostly found in garage, sheds, behind dressers and pictures, and sometimes even in cardboard boxes.

Black Widow Spider

This is probably the most known spider in the Las Vegas, thanks to its shiny black body and an hourglass figure on its back. The females are twice as large as the males and their bite can be deadly. The male spiders are harmless though and even their bites have little to no impact on humans.

When the female spider bites, there is no visible sign immediately. But as the venom travels through your body, you’ll experience pain and cramps. In five percent of all cases, the bite has proven to be deadly as well.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are common domestic spiders found pretty much everywhere in Las Vegas. They mainly look for shelter during the winter months and cause no harm at all. These spiders don’t spin webs and are not aggressive even when provoked. In some cases, their bites may cause itchiness and swelling.

How to avoid getting spiders?

Spiders are prevalent in homes that have been locked for a long time. They are also present in places where it can find its food easily and this means dirty and cluttered places.

The best way to avoid spiders is to clean your home frequently to identify any spider webs that may be present. Also, de-clutter your home and keep the area around your home free of debris and garden waste.

Another option is to fix all the cracks in your home as this is the way through which spiders enter your home in the first place. Fixing these cracks is easier than you think and all that you need is a caulking gun to identify and fix the cracks. If you’ve never done this before or don’t have the time for it, consider taking the help of professionals.

Getting rid of spiders at home

Spiders are fairly common and for the most part, they come looking for food. That said, the bites of some spiders can be dangerous, so it is best you take steps to avoid them coming into your premises. Here are some things you can do for that.

  • Ladybugs help to keep spiders at bay, so consider introducing them in your yard.
  • Peppermint oil is known to be a strong repellant against spiders.
  • When you keep your house free of clutter, the possibility for spiders to find food goes down and they may not infest your home.
  • Pets like cats are great at keeping spiders away.
  • Citrus peels, chestnuts, tobacco, and cedar oil also help to keep the spiders away from home.
  • Though Borax powder is mostly used to kill ants, they work for spiders as well because ants are one of the primary sources of food for spiders.
  • Dryer sheets help to keep spiders away too. A substance called Linalool is present in these dryer sheets and spiders hate them. In addition, the floral scent is intoxicating for spiders.

Though these are effective to some extent, they may not always work. You can try these remedies and if they are not effective, your best bet is to find a good spider removal Las Vegas company who will handle it for you.

Spider removal professionals

Killer Instinct Pest Control (KIPC) is one of the most experienced companies that specialize in removing spiders in Las Vegas area. Since they have been living in the same area for a long time, they know where to look for spiders. Also, they can distinguish the different spider species easily and this will help them to remove them using the right strategies.

Excellent customer support backed with in-depth knowledge make them an ideal spider extermination Las Vegas company to handle your spider problems. They start with an inspection of your home and will do all that is necessary to not just remove the existing spiders from your home, but also to prevent other spiders from entering your house. So, reach out to this spider removal Las Vegas company right away and get permanent relief from these pests.

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