Warning signs of pests in your house

Warning Signs of Pests in Your House

One of the frightening things about pests is the fact that they can enter your home without you even noticing. Infestations can start in areas of your home such as basements and attics or even under floorboards, and you may not know before they have become a really difficult problem. Wherever you’re living, and whichever types of pests you are most likely to come across, it is important that you know what the signs of pests are. This way, when you spot something unusual you may be able to identify it as being an unwanted creature (or group of creatures) to enter into your home and cause a nuisance.

In this article, we’ve identified some of the common warning signs of pests, which are listed below. Be warned that these are not the only signs of pests. Depending on which type of animals you may be dealing with, there could be more. These are all relatively common and causes for concern.


Spotting droppings is always a big cause for concern. If you visit the basement or the attic, or perhaps are just looking in a utility room or outbuilding and notice some fecal matter, it may well have come from rats or mice making their way in via an infestation. This poses a big problem.

Rat and mouse droppings may be relatively easy to spot, however, some smaller creatures it may be more difficult. You can inspect closely, but ultimately, it might be in your interests to call in the professionals to make sure any droppings are spotted, and the culprits get dealt with in the right way.

Odd Odors

Our sense of smell is designed to help us out, not just as a way to tell if food is going to be delicious or not. We have evolved so that smells we find unpleasant are often this way for a reason as our body warns us off them. These smells can be moldy food, waste, or in this case, pests. Many pests carry unpleasant smells from the fact they dwell in sewers and carry all sorts of diseases. If you notice a new odor and don’t have an explanation for it, pests might be the issue.pest signs

Odd Sounds

Pests are often very quiet, and over televisions and sound systems you’re not likely to notice them. However, if you get to the evening time and suddenly notice scratching or tapping when you are trying to fall asleep, this may be because of pests in your home. Not all pests can be 100% silent all the time, and in silence, you may notice their noises.

Holes and Gnaw Marks

If you spot holes and gnaw marks around the home it can be a sign that pests are trying to burrow and nest within your house or outbuilding. Gnawing could be on a piece of furniture or door frame, but could also be plants, electrics or just about anything else in the house. Mice and rats may also create holes in floorboards or old rotting wood which can help them to nest and get around the area more quickly. If you have holes it is likely the pests have been around for a while.

What to Do?

Pests shouldn’t be taken lightly. They carry diseases and can be very dangerous to you, your family, your pets and your home.

If you have any suspicion of pests being present in your home or spot some of the signs we’ve listed here, it is time to take action. There are some DIY options with traps and poisons, but most of the time it is recommended that the professionals deal with your infestations. Otherwise, who is to tell that the issue has been fully dealt with? Pest professionals are trained not only to get rid of the pests which are creating the problem, but also to work out the root of the issue and ensure they’re unlikely to return. Catching one mouse doesn’t mean that others won’t have a route in.

Start by requesting a consultation and explaining the issue and the signs you have seen to a pest removal professional. You can include photographic evidence, too, which may better help them to identify the problem.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore the pest problem as it will only get worse.