Most Common Pests in Las Vegas

Most Common Pests in Las Vegas

Pests exist pretty much anywhere in the world in one way or another. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the climate is very hot and is home to a certain number of pests which are pretty dangerous (not to mention annoying). Infestation is a real issue and you should be on the lookout for some of the more common pests in Las Vegas. Some pests carry an immediate threat, others are less of a direct threat. However, by knowing how these pests can impact your life you will know how best to treat them.


Cockroaches are common in a lot of different areas and certainly aren’t unique to Las Vegas. A variety of different types of cockroaches can be found all over Nevada and they can all be very dangerous if they infest your home or business. Cockroaches reproduce very quickly meaning you might have a huge amount of them to deal with very soon. Also, they’re hardy, meaning they survive in a lot of different conditions. They also carry a number of diseases. They can carry pathogenic microbes which can be extremely hazardous.


ratRats such as the Norway rat are common in Las Vegas and can survive in urban and suburban areas. Rats are another species which can be hardy and take a lot to kill off, meaning pest control is the best way to ensure they don’t become a long-term issue. Rats are aggressive, but the main way they cause an issue is by carrying disease. Leptospirosis is an example of a disease they can cause in humans. They are responsible for spreading plagues, after all. Rats also reproduce very quickly and can be very tough to get rid of. Hiring a rodent control professional is always recommended to get rid of rat infestations, and to prevent further infestations.


Scorpions are a pest which can be found in Las Vegas but not in many other parts of America. Scorpions including the very dangerous Arizona Bark Scorpion can be found in Nevada and the Las Vegas Valley. These scorpions can deliver stings which can be fatal or cause comas and other awful repercussions. Other scorpions may just have the capacity to give a nasty sting. They are not something to take a chance with, nor are scorpions a species of pest you can really deal with yourself, so professional scorpion control help can be needed to avoid them entering the home.


Black Widow Spider

A huge amount of people are scared of spiders, and Las Vegas is one of the areas where it makes sense to be. Some of the species found can be very dangerous.

The Desert Recluse spider can be found in the area and if they bite you and infect you with their venom it can cause nasty skin lesions.

The more widely-known Black Widow is also in the area. Its bite is unlikely to be fatal but can cause tachycardia, spasming, cramps and muscle issues, and you can experience these symptoms for weeks if bitten.

Camel Spiders are another species of spider found in the area. These are not usually fatal either, but they are very fast, larger than the average spider and can lay up to 200 eggs at a time, which can lead to an infestation. These spiders have been subject to many urban myths and legends and though they’re not as bad as often made out, they are still far from ideal to have to deal with in your home.

Africanized Honeybee

These bees are also known as “Killer Bees”. They actually have a growing population in the southern states whereas many bees are decreasing in numbers. Africanized Honeybees have a really powerful and painful sting, and though there are some myths about how powerful they are, this bee is very defensive. If irritated it can become aggressive and even pursue people before stinging them. Africanized bees are often more likely to attack in numbers, which can be fatal to humans.

All of the pests listed above can be found in Las Vegas, and all carry very different threats. They should be dealt with thoroughly and in a professional way to ensure they do not pose a significant problem for you, your home, your business, and your family.