Facts and Statistics about Las Vegas Pests

Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places in America. Maybe even in the world! People love to flock to Vegas on their vacation. If you live in Vegas, or anywhere in Nevada, you’ll know the great things that are on offer in this state, but you will probably also know about pests.

There are plenty of pests in the area and they come in different forms. Some of them are a nuisance, some are a threat to properties and some can even be a threat to human life, so there should be no chances taken. Las Vegas pest control needs to be effective to ensure that people are kept safe.

Most Common Pests in Las Vegas

Here are some of the pests you might be dealing with in Las Vegas.


Loads of people all over the world are scared of spiders, but in Vegas, you have every reason to be. Spiders that can be dangerous or life-threatening include the brown recluse, western black widow and the brown widow. Though most spiders found in the area won’t be one of these, they are all very dangerous and can even risk lives.

las vegas pest statistics


Scorpions can be extremely painful and pose a particular threat to people with weak immune systems. They come out at night, and when they are in your house you will definitely need professional help to remove the risk.


These are a very dangerous snake species. They find quiet areas and though they don’t seek out humans, they can be found around homes, in yards or garages around Vegas.

There are many other species of pests out there. Many of them not specific to Las Vegas. For instance, pests that can be found pretty much anywhere are just as much of a problem in Vegas. Rats, pigeons, and wasps all pose a threat, too. Some people don’t take as much action against these as they don’t seem as scary in the short term, but they spread diseases. Rats were nearly responsible for the end of civilization at one point in human history!


Other creatures that love the hot climate include termites, coyotes and chipmunks (which can be a real hazard to wood). These are less commonly an issue, but they do exist in Las Vegas and are worth keeping an eye out for the signs of an infestation or attack. Coyotes, for instance, are very unlikely to be seen, but they have been known to prey on neighborhood pets.

Institutions to Fight Against this Problem

Naturally, the frequency of people having to deal with pest problems is very common in the area. This means there are certain institutions in place to help with pests.

There are many different pest control companies in Las Vegas and around Nevada. Some of these have different specialties, but all should be well-versed in dealing with the common las vegas pests. Make sure you work with companies who use up-to-date methods to control the threat that pests can cause in your home or business premises.

The most important institution in the world of pest control in Las Vegas is the Nevada Department of Agriculture, which is responsible for overseeing the work done by the pest control companies operating throughout Nevada. In their own words,

“the Nevada Department of Agriculture licenses and monitors pest control companies and individuals for compliance with applicable laws and regulations.”

Having designated control over pest companies means that the NDA can issue permits and licenses to allow pest control companies to operate. You should always check proof of these before working with companies. The pest control professionals must adhere to strict laws and they should all be trained to a very high level. The Nevada Department of Agriculture ensures that this is the case.

Annual Budget Spent on This Problem

Figures on pest control budgets that are specific to Las Vegas are hard to find. In fact, anyone saying they know exactly how much is spent on pest control in Nevada is lying, as the figures are impossible to track across all businesses and services.

However, the best study we have was carried out by consultants creating “A Strategic Analysis of the U.S. Structural Pest Control Industry”. These place the spending throughout the USA on the pest control industry at around $8.5 billion per year. It is also increasing at around 5% each year.

Even if you split that cost across all states, it shows a very high spend. Around $170 million per state. The truth is that Las Vegas probably has a much higher proportion of the USA’s overall spend due to the climate, and some of the creatures that are causing infestations in the area. We would conservatively estimate that over $250 million is spent on pest control every year.

Some of this annual budget is for large scale problems and big buildings such as schools and office blocks. Some buildings may be abandoned, or there could be huge issues with rats and other infestations. The spend is not all on residential properties. As we’ve already mentioned, exact figures do not exist, but it is safe to assume the Las Vegas spend on pest control to be one of the highest in the world.

Most Effective Solutions

The most effective solutions will vary a huge amount depending on what type of pest is being dealt with. There is no one-stop solution to every different type of pest.
Think about the sort of steps you might need to take to deal with an infestation of rats, compared to having one solitary rattlesnake causing a disturbance. These will be totally different issues. So what is the solution?

You can call on pest control companies to deal with your issues on a one-off basis. This is a more “reactionary” solution. When you spot the signs of something untoward or an infestation that might be occurring you can speak to pest control companies about the solutions. This can be costly, and by the time the pest in question is found, they could have already caused a huge amount of damage.

nevada pest statistics

There are preventative steps you can take, and it is wise to try and stop pests from ever becoming an issue. Things like keeping food waste covered and not encouraging pests to feast on them, and keeping your home clean, and being vigilant for any signs of droppings or other pointers you may have pests. Also, make sure that there are no easy ways for pests to enter your home. Seal up any cracks or holes that may appear to stop mice, snakes, rats or other pests from getting in without a challenge.

There are many services offered in the pest control market and this includes working with pest control companies on a monthly basis. You can pay a monthly fee for preventative measures to be taken and consultations or measures to be carried out that stop pests from becoming an issue in the first place. The trained professionals know best about the area where you live and the hazards that could be posed by your home or the way it is being kept. Don’t leave it to chance, make sure you speak to someone who knows what to do about pests in Las Vegas.

5 Common Types of House Bugs

Many homes run into pest problems sometimes. A lot of them are a nuisance, while some of them can be painful and irritating. Some, however, can destroy your home and cause severe property damage to your home.
With the many types of house bugs out there, knowing the common bugs out there can help. Let’s look at the five common bugs and bugs homes that we see on the daily. With this, we’re hoping you can call your local Las Vegas pest control to help.
We know only professionals can give your home the full treatment that it needs.

What are the Most Common House Bugs?

The five most common types of house bugs are ants, cockroaches, fleas, termites, and bedbugs. Many of these bugs are a bit of a headache. Some rampant ants, for example, would need you to hire an ant control Las Vegas to handle a heavy infestation.
Take in mind that pests are best for professionals to handle. Sure, you can try small ways to lessen them, but you need a pro to get them out permanently.


ant in house Ants love crumbs, but you’ll notice that it’s not your scraps that will summon them to your home. Weather is the biggest determinator for ant infestations in your home.
Ants hate super-hot and dry days. Ants also hate cold and clammy rainy days.
You will see ants start to crowd around. Sure, some are harmless, but if you’re unlucky enough to have carpenter ants, you’re in trouble.
Carpenter ants are not termites. They won’t eat through the wood and make the structure much weaker. They will, however, build their nest in your home and will start biting everyone inside.


cockroach in house Let’s be honest. Nobody wants cockroaches. They’re gross, nasty, and terrifying. Roaches are vectors for diseases and contaminate everything from your food to your stuff.
Cockroaches are resilient, to say the least. They destroy paper and fabric, get your allergies to trigger, and even give nasty bites. They’re super prolific in making young, able to lay as much as 30,000 eggs in a year.
Let’s not even talk about having them open their wings and fly towards you in your private moments. Some can opt for a flamethrower to get rid of these critters – we won’t judge. You can also hire a cockroach control team to kill them and find those nasty hiding spots they have.

Bed Bugs

bed bugBed bugs are the worst pests in this list. They will bring you diseases and keep you up at night – all while giving you painful itches. Bed bugs attack everything and suck blood, producing the worst welts in your life.
Adult bed bugs are horrible bugs. They can live for up to a year and can reproduce so fast you can have three generations of them in a year. Bed bugs are the worst, reducing your quality of life and lowering the value of your property.
With bed bugs, you would have to change a lot about your daily living. You would need to disinfect everything in your home, from your bed to your clothes to even your home. You would need expert pest control to work on your home.


Fleas are worrying not only for you but for your pets too. They are resilient and hard to kill, with a leathery carapace and a substantial jump. They can leap from animal to person and back, infesting both your skin and fur.
Why would you want to get rid of fleas? They’re voracious biters, able to penetrate the skin with their sharp bites. Once they do, they can irritate skin tissue, cause itching, and even welts.
If there’s a significant infestation of fleas in your home, they can crawl to your body. You would need to fumigate to make sure every last one dies, as they can reproduce faster than most insects.


termite preventionTermites are some of the most destructive pests in a home. They destroy wood to digest into nutrients and convert them into their nests. You can find them almost everywhere, with every state having their termite issues.
The number one sign of termite infestation is what we call mud tubes. They construct protective tunnels from the soil to the wood they’re targeting. During dry seasons like spring and fall, they will also mature into winged adults that will infest your home.
If you want to get rid of termites, you need to take care of the bugs’ homes. Termites will have the main nest, with a queen inside it. To reach the actual queen, a professional pest control team is crucial.

Make Sure to Have the Right Number to Call or Your Pest Problem

Many insects will invade your home. While only a few will become real pests, the last thing you want is a significant infestation. Protect your home before it’s too late.
Have a pest control expert’s number handy. Take care of your pest problem with all types of house bugs before it gets out of control.